In today’s Episode, Jeff is chatting with successful Amazon seller Andrew Erickson. Not only is Andrew killing it as a seller, but he was able to travel the world while doing it. He is also the host of the Zon Con Podcast. Today we are talking about his unique origin story, his best advice for surviving the Coronavirus as an Amazon Seller, and tips for traveling the world and SAVE money on taxes! We know Covid-19 is top of mind for everyone right now, so tune into minute 20:00 for Andrew’s take on how he would advise other sellers to come out this weird time well!

Minute Markers:

3:09- Andrew’s origin story and how he started on Etsy

8:20- Andrew’s take on the Coronavirus’ effect on Amazon sellers

11:00- Five tips for handling the Coronavirus (In terms of the economy as a whole)


22:00- Can you still make an FBA inventory restock? Do it now!

23:40- check out TurnKey’s Free Coronavirus (COVID-19) AMAZON SURVIVAL GUIDE:

24:32- How to maintain integrity during this pandemic as a seller

26:10- How Andrew has been traveling for a year!

28:35- If you have earned income while traveling for 330 days, you don’ have to pay income tax on the first $250k

33:30- Traction Method from the book series “What the Heck is EOS?”, “Traction”, and “Rocketfuel”

37:45- Andrew’s Easy SOP on how to hire your first second and third VAs (Shareable Google Doc)

43:10- How to keep from feeling lonely as an entrepreneur

44:35- Importance of networking, meetups, and masterminds (Leader of Titan Network

Podcast- Zon Con Podcast

FB- Andrew Erickson

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