Today’s guest is Courtney Lee, founder of the Prymal Coffee Creamer. Courtney is an extraordinary entrepreneur and her brand story is incredible. While she has an awesome product, she’s just getting on Amazon and she sought out Jeff at a Backroom event because she knew she needed some expert guidance. 

So today, Jeff and Jenna Lieber are hopping on a live coaching call with Courtney, to tear apart her listing and give her some insights to ensure she’s starting out on Amazon the RIGHT WAY! Because we are actually going through her listing, you’d really benefit from watching a video of our coaching call. So join us over on YouTube to see exactly what we are working with. And while you’re there, be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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Minute Markers:

3:15- How a coaching call looks at TurnKey

4:12- Background on Courtney’s business, Primal Coffee Creamers

5:00- Insecurities about Amazon

6:13- Brand story 

10:00- Would she do Shark Tank? 

13:05- The power of social media

15:15- What are good review rate percentages? 

16:05- Amazon cracking down on review activity

19:25- Listing audit

20:40- Keyword research

21:35- What can you learn from PPC reports? 

22:55- Keywords in your title (we love. Helium10 for research)

24:30- Careful on the use of symbols

25:56- Does order matter with keywords? 

28:32- How does your title and listing look on mobile? 

29:18- Bullet points

31:40- What is PSL??? (Haha!)

35:32- Guarantees

39:20- Returns through Amazon

43:45- Images

48:35- Are YOU part of your brand story? 

51:40-  Video

55:50- A+ Content

57:50- Marketing inserts

59:30- Simple value adds

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