Today’s guest is Jon Tucker, from the live chat company Help Flow. provides 24/7 live chat teams to 100+ eCommerce stores to drive more sales and conversions (i.e. their agents can chat with your visitors 24/7). In the interview, Jon will share insights on how to maximize conversions based on seeing the inner workings of 100s of e-commerce stores. Jon is a super impressive entrepreneur and his services are not only amazing, but today he’s sharing some critical insights that could literally change your business today. If you don’t already have a chat option on your site, we highly recommend hopping on a strategy call with Help Flow to see how they could add incredible customer service to your business.

Minute Markers: 

1:30- What does HelpFlow do?

2:30- What makes Help Flow different than just using software?

3:30- What do sellers need to know about customer service through chats?

5:12- How to streamline the checkout process

6:00- Why to Auto-populate the address?

6:40- Make sure to have a persistent shopping cart

7:20- How can you save an abandoned cart?

9:30- How do you train your customer team well to answer questions effectively?

11:20- How often to update your knowledge base?

13:10- High level and low level conversion points

16:10- Easiest way to answer questions on your website

18:00- FAQ hack

20:00- Make it easy to find products on your site

22:07- How did Jon build an effective team?

24:33- Where to start when your client base is growing

26:00- Why to use Live Chat?

27:00- Do a strategy call with Help Flow to see how this service could benefit your site

Show Notes: 

Check out to schedule a Live strategy call with Jon!

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