Today’s episode is with Bradley Sutton of Helium 10. He’s a massive seller who has launched over 400 products on Amazon. His selling success got him noticed by Helium 10, and now he works with them to help companies to really thrive on Amazon. Bradley shares very graciously about his selling experience and a few strategies that have really been game changers for sellers. It’s an episode that will leave you with a ton of new ideas and actionable steps. We cannot recommend using Helium 10 enough! Helium 10’s software has been a game changer for our clients, and if you aren’t already using it, we really encourage you to try it out and you can even use the coupon codes below for a great deal!

Show Notes:

Use code: TPM50 for 50% the first month

Use code: TPM10 for 10% off ongoing services

Helium 10 FB group

Minute Markers: 

2:05- Bradley’s Background and First Business

4:28- What changed everything for his selling on Amazon?

5:01- How Bradley got discovered by Helium 10

6:22- What differentiates his experience on Amazon?

7:42- What previous work experience ended up helping him as a seller on Amazon

9:33- Check out Jeff on Helium 10’s podcast

10:21- #1 tip for launching a new product on Amazon

13:53- How Bradley suggests you get initial reviews

15:39- How to find incredible reviewers

19:00- Best advice for targeting the RIGHT keywords on Amazon

24:25- Next steps once you know your top keywords

26:10- How you can get on page 1 with your keywords

28:22 –Free Helium 10 option to set up an ASIN 2-step URL

29:19- How can sellers set themselves up for success long-term?

32:20- Unconventional strategies that work (speak to the buyers emotions!)

38:58- How sellers can emerge out of the day to day selling tasks

41:38- Best ways to get in front of new audiences

44:00- Have products that are FBA and FBM

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