On today’s episode of the podcast, Jeff is sharing all about Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime option, which is the perfect fulfillment option for some businesses who weren’t a perfect fit for FBA. He walks you through who SFP is good for, how to sign up, and more. Do you use SFP?

Minute Markers:

1:35- Why we recommend FBA for most products

2:15- Reasons FBA may not be a good fit for your products

4:22- What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

5:49- Why it’s worth going through getting approved for Seller Fulfilled Prime?

6:23- Why does Amazon offer SFP?

7:14- What are the steps to getting approved for SFP? https://services.amazon.com/services/seller-fulfilled-prime.html

8:35- Can your warehouse fulfill orders according to Amazon’s strict guidelines?

9:25- What happens after the trial period is done?

9:52- Additional requirements when you have Seller Fulfilled Prime

10:24- Make sure to look at your margins and FBA fees. Does SFP make more sense for your margins?

Sign up for Seller Fulfilled Prime Here!

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