We’re so excited to announce that on this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff sits down with one of his most influential mentors and a future Cleveland Indian’s owner, Ryan Moran. Listen to Jeff pick his brain and ask him questions about his backstory, his wisdom, wins and losses, how to thrive on Amazon and so much more! Grab a pen and a piece of paper because you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable interview.

Minute Markers: 

  • Ryan’s Background Story- 2:25
  • Doing the Things People Won’t do for Long Enough- 7:03
  • Ryan’s Typical Workday- 10:03
  • “Monkey Mode”- 11:40
  • Staying Focused- 13:30 
  • Ryan’s Challenges- 14:20 
  • Amazon in Today’s World- 17:53
  • What Product Owners Should be Focusing on for Long Term Success- 20:27 
  • Building an Audience off of Amazon- 22:23
  • Stuck in the One Man Show- 25:15 
  • Actionable Steps- 28:53
  • Being your Own Bottleneck- 31:20 
  • Ryan’s Investor Opportunities- 34:28
  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen- 36:40 
  • Ryan’s Backroom- 37:24 
  • What Would Ryan Change about his Entrepreneurial Journey- 41:27
  • Wrap up- 44:36

Ryan Moran Quotes: 

  • “The biggest lie is that we’re supposed to be good at everything” 
  • “Thinking about the very long term things that knock over the right dominos that open new opportunities” 
  • “The real growth happens when you address the person behind the business” 

Link to purchase “The Slight Edge”

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