In this episode of  Playbook for Amazon, Jeff, Founder of TurnKey Product Management shares his biggest lessons and failures that helped him lay the foundation for building his successful business. Jeff shares with us the best advice he has been given by his good friend Ryan Moran, along with advice from Priceline Founder Jeff Hoffman and a life changing tip from Tim Ferris that help him quit his day job. 

Minute Markers: 

Jeff’s Story- 1:20

Don’t chase trends- 5:50

Tim Ferris life-changing fear setting advice- 7:50

Why Jeff started TurnKey- 10:47

Jeff Hoffman Story and HUGE takeaway- 15:00  

Why Jeff sold his Amazon business- 17:42 

Take away quote: “Don’t try to get a gold medal doing 6 things at once. Get a gold medal in one thing”

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